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Zoo Playground: Kids game set

1 usd

“Zoo Playground”: an extensive Zoo and a fun Playground with lots of animated animals and built-in educational games for kids.The Zoo includes 40 animated animals. Children can feed the animals, pet them, learn their calls. The animals are colorful, friendly and fun – so that your child will be content to enjoy many happy hours of play and learn at the same time.
The Playground includes 9 kids games:
1. “Who lives where?” – a game designed to develop cognitive ability, memory and attention skills. The child matches the animals to their natural habitats.2. “Coloring” – the child colors in different animals and learns color terms.3. “Happy Memories” – turn over the squares and find matching pairs of animals. The number of squares increases with each successful game. 4. “Numbers” (New!) – a game designed to develop the child's numeracy skills.5. “Words by letter” – the game shapes the child’s understanding of the alphabet and teaches them to recognize letters and words.6. “Swapped habitats!” – a game designed to develop cognitive ability, memory and attention skills. A different version, where the object is to match the animals with their natural habitats.7. “Feeding” – feed the animals by giving them the food you think they’ll like the most. 8. “Hide and Seek” – the task is to pick out the right image. The number of images increases. 9. “Jigsaw Puzzle” – your little one learns to distinguish different parts of an image and to assemble them into a complete picture.
Main features: – Professional voice-overs in English (both US & UK), Spanish and French designed specifically for kids; – A simplified interface which allows children to play with parents and by themselves; – There are no points, scores, ratings, violence, or other unsuitable aspects usually found in games for older players;– The game invites the child to play various mini-games, so that they can develop a diverse range of skills; – If your child gets stuck at any point, the game will provide hints; – The difficulty level rises as your child masters each task; – NO ADS, IN-APP PURCHASES OR HIDDEN ADD-ONS
Your child: – Encounters the many wonders of the natural world by learning about different animals and their habitats; – Learns new letters, words and pronunciation;– Learns numbers and develops numeracy skills;– Learns the names, appearances, and behavior of various animals; – Learns the names of different foods through feeding the animals; – Learns to associate various sounds and images; – Feels happy and have lots of fun playing with all the amusing animals!
Play, interact, bond and enjoy precious moments of joy with your little one!